The Power of Community and Collaboration | St Paul Farmers Market

The Power of Community and Collaboration | St Paul Farmers Market

Last weekend for the Apple Valley Bachman’s 2023 Market

An amazing trend has taken hold during our Winter Markets. Exciting new foods are being created through vendor collaborations. As loyal market patrons, you regularly seek out your favorite foods vendors bring to the market tables; now several vendors are combining those favorite foods into fun new market treats. The creative mind behind Aunt Kathy’s Kitchen has been leading the way.

Kathy takes her collaboration creativity to the next level as she combines 3 or 4 different vendor products into her creations. Her deliciously addictive gluten-free crackers are a must-try; she uses them as her culinary canvass to create new flavor combinations for every market. Most recently Kathy has been incorporating  Kinney Mini Farms nutrient-rich microgreens into her gluten-free crackers….and they turned out great!

This past week we had an amazing time cooking and collaborating with Kinney Mini Farms at Aunt Kathy’s Kitchen in Rosemount. Lisa from Kinney Mini Farms brought several different new microgreen varieties (Radish, Mustard) fresh from the farm to mix into the crackers. The mustard greens have a wild and surprising “horseradish” kick to them; highly recommended to check out. Kathy also used farm fresh eggs from Green Machine Farms and freshly grated cheese from Eichten. Many laughs were also had, as we shared stories as we bake. The crackers turned out perfect and were simply delicious. We can’t wait for you to try it. 

A treasured experience we all enjoy about our Saint Paul Farmers Market is our shared community interaction. Vendor collaboration is an amazing way we can build and share the community experience through our food.

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