Local Collaboration at St. Paul Farmers Market

Local Collaboration at St. Paul Farmers Market

Did someone say breakfast tacos ??????????

It’s no secret that food brings people together, especially in the Twin Cities. This weekend we saw amazing teamwork and collaboration at the St. Paul Farmers Market, where Prairie Pride Farm joined forces with local Latin cuisine vendor Roberto Galvan of Galvan Foods & Tortilleria to create a unique experience for diners. With a new solo stove fire pit to keep things warm and cozy, visitors enjoyed delicious tacos ???? made with Prairie Pride Farm’s pork chorizo and farm fresh eggs.

The beauty of this type of collaboration is that you get something different and unique every time! When you create an environment where local artisans and farmers can come together to discover creative ways to use their products, amazing things happen. Not only does it bring attention to our local supply chain and keep more money in our local economy, but it also encourages innovative thinking from those involved.

The St Paul Farmers Market is truly a one-of-a-kind place for makers, crafters, chefs, bakers, and artisans alike to come together and create something beautiful – especially during the winter months! Plus, there is free parking so make sure to visit soon! This January you can enjoy the delicious tacos created by Prairie Pride Farms x Galvan Foods & Tortilleria anytime you visit the market on Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm.

There’s nothing better than seeing Minnesotans coming together to support each other at events like this one! Whether it’s an outdoor winter farmers market or a summertime festival full of music and food trucks, when people collaborate they create something extraordinary – not just for themselves but for the whole community! Next time you find yourself in St Paul make sure to check out what special creations are happening at the St Paul Farmers Market – because it could be anything from tacos with farm-fresh eggs to hot apple cider doughnuts made with love!

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Executive Assistant/Marketing Manager for the Saint Paul Growers Association (The non-profit that facilitates the Saint Paul Farmers Market). I work to continually improve the market experience for our vendors and customers.

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