Food Assistance

Food Assistance

Nutritious and affordable food is the bedrock of our organization. We believe that everyone should have access to this food. We proudly accept EBT (electronic benefits transfer) and FMNP (farmers market nutrition program) at our 18 markets across the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro. Minnesota residents, find out if you are eligible for a monthly food assistance stipend at the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) website. Keep reading below to find out how to use these programs at any Saint Paul Farmers’ Market location.

EBT and Market Bucks

 Individuals that receive EBT food assistance benefits may use their EBT card (Minnesota’s card pictured below) to make food purchases at our markets.

Steps to charging an EBT card:

  • Stop at the information tent or table at any market. 
  • Show your EBT card or ask for an EBT transaction. (We will accept EBT from other states.)
  • The market staff will ask you how much you’d like to charge to your card. This will be deducted from your monthly SNAP allowance.
  • Say you deduct $10 from your SNAP account. The market staff will give you $10 in tokens to use with vendors who accept them (most do!)
  • The staff person will also give you an additional $10 in Market Bucks and an additional $10 in Produce Bucks.
  • We can only match up to $10 for the bucks. If you charge your card with $30 you will get $30 in tokens, $10 market bucks, and $10 produce bucks. 

Steps to using EBT tokens, market bucks, or produce bucks:

  • Find a vendor with an EBT sign (shown to the left)
  • Decide what you would like to purchase. 
  • If buying a food item (not ready-to-eat) you may use the $1 tokens, $5 tokens, the $1 market bucks, or any combination of these. Cannot use produce bucks.
  • If buying a produce item (vegetables, fruits) you may use the $1 produce bucks, $1 tokens, $5 tokens, the $1 market bucks, or any combination of these. 
  • Enjoy your purchases!

Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) WIC & Senior Checks


Individuals that receive FMNP checks to buy food for their family may use the checks to purchase food with some of the Saint Paul Farmers’ Market vendors. 

Steps to using an FMNP Check: 

  • Find a vendor you would like to purchase food from. Look for an FMNP sign (pictured on the left side of the photo on the right.)
  • Show the vendor the check and ask if they accept them. 
  • Not all of our vendors participate in this program. So asking will be easiest!
  • You may also ask for assistance identifying vendors at the information tent.
  • Exchange the check for produce with a participating vendor.


There is no shame in reaching out for help if you find yourself in need of financial assistance for purchasing food. We understand times are tough and, in these times, we rely on our community. We will share any updates on these programs as they happen. Our staff are familiar with food assistance and benefits. Some have utilized the programs themselves. Below are resources for anyone who may need help with their next meal.