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  • St Paul Farmers' Market

    New Vendor Application for Farmers & Growers
  • Mission Statement

    To create a family friendly atmosphere providing a diverse variety of fresh quality local products through a marketing system beneficial to both vendors and the public.
  • Marketing Rules and Regulations

    General Rules - All Markets
  • 1. Selling privileges at the St. Paul Farmers' Markets are extended only to members of the (SPGA) St. Paul Growers' Association, Inc. A member must meet all membership requirements of the SPGA and must be the actual producer of the products. Products must meet all product requirements of the SPGA. All products must be approved by the SPGA Board or its manager.

    2. Membership may only be passed on the member's legal spouse, son, daughter or grandchildren who must meet all SPGA by-laws and rules and regulation requirements. Special circumstances may be considered by the Board on a case by case basis. However, such persons seeking membership must have Capital Investment in membership as required in Article 2 Section 1 in By Laws.

    3. To qualify as a producer, a member must own or rent the land, equipment and facilities required to produce the product. (Any other arrangement must be approved in advance of the growing season by the Executive Board A copy of the lease form for all rental land must be submitted with your application by specified date for approval by the Board of Directors. You must plant, maintain, harvest and market (sell) any and all of the products, which you sell at the St. Paul Farmers' Markets. Growers who purchase plants must maintain them for 30 days. Persons selling must be members of the member's family or a paid employee of that member. No brokers, agents or others may represent a farmer. Family members of a membership holder with SPGA who sell their produce or crafts produced apart from the family business must have their own membership. They then may sell within the business stall limitations. Inspections will be done by the Market Manager and/or designated assistant. The inspector shall have access to member property and records. Violation of these rules will go on your permanent record as a major offense.

    4. Products offered for sale must be good quality based on the judgement of the Market Manager. The Market Manager can order sellers to withdraw poor quality items from the Market.

    5. Application and Membership Fee - Renewal membership applications with all required paperwork must be completely and accurately filled out and returned to the office, and where applicable, stall rental contract and land rental information form, by specified date each year decided by the Board of Directors and the Manager. Total membership will be limited, so renewal membership must be in the office by specified date to guarantee selling privileges for the year. All membership dues, fees and fines must be current and paid with money order, cashier checks or personal checks. No cash payment will be accepted. Membership payment is due in full on the first payment date, along with completed and signed contract and application forms. New members must complete an application prior to selling at a market. The application must accurately list the amount of acreage for each crop to be grown and sold at all St. Paul Farmers' Markets. If the acreage or crop changes during the year, the Market Manager must be notified in advance and in writing of any changes. If a crop is not listed on the application, the Market Manager may refuse to let the grower sell that product until the application form is updated. Fees for membership will be set by the SPGA Board.

    6. Stall Payments - Full SPGA members will have the right to renew their lease on stalls used the previous year. However, to reserve the stall(s) full payment for all reserved and/or annual stalls are required in the office in one payment prior to the specified date. A two-payment plan will be available with a service fee of $100. All second half payments are due by July 15th of each year. Late payments are subject to a $150.00 late fee payable within 30 days except for hardship cases presented in writing for Board consideration. Any application not completed with late fees paid by the due date will have their membership dropped. Daily renters must come to market prepared to pay upon arrival. This will be strictly enforced.

    7. All members are responsible for knowing if they need a sales tax ID number. If you need a number, the office must have a copy of that number on file. If you do not need a sales tax ID number, you must have a confirmation letter on file in the office stating that you do not need one. The Manager has the power to remove a vendor from the market for the entire year if compliance of this state requirement is not followed

    8.Inspection - The St. Paul Growers' Association Inc. has the right to inspect any member operation as often as needed throughout the season

    9. Clean-Up - All vendors are expected to clean up their stall after usage. This includes selling and parking spaces at all market locations. Failure to clean up properly will result in a $50 fine payable to the SPGA for services rendered.

    10. Complaint System - A complaint form is available for anyone to file a complaint about a violation of the rules. A written complaint can be filed by anyone to Managers or Board Members.

    11. Signage - All vendors must display a sign approximately 10" x 20" with their name. Failure to do so will result in an additional daily stall fee. The third infraction and any thereafter will result in a minor offence.

    12. No one under the age of 12 is permitted to use a knife on any market site.

    13. Children are not allowed to roam the market site alone. All children under the age of 12 must remain in their assigned stalls or supervised by an adult.

    14. The renter and a substantial amount of product are the only method of holding a stall that will be recognized. A stall cannot be held by a person, a sign, an empty vehicle or a small amount of product.

    15. Stall assignments including sharing of stalls will be allowed only at the discretion of the Market Manager.

    16. A Manager may temporarily reassign stall(s) to accommodate market needs.

    17. Stall renters shall not rent, sublet or assign stall space or any privilege pertaining thereto. (This means you may not allow a friend, relative or another vendor to use your stall(s) when you are not using them Only the Market Manager may arrange for subletting of stall(s).

    18. Proper attire is required during market hours. This includes shirts and shoes.

    19. No grills are allowed at any market site without prior approval of a Manager.

    20. A current picture of the person whose name appears on the membership will be kept on file at the market office. Each member will be issued one or more ID cards at the beginning of each year. Any person selling at a SPGA market must have in their possession the ID card of the member they represent and show the card to the Market Manager or his/her representative upon request. Only current ID cards are acceptable.

    21. Perennial crop rental shall be allowed as follows: a. SPGA must be informed of intent of rental the first year rented b. Crop cannot be sold at SPGA Markets the first year you are maintaining crop. It can be sold beginning the second season. c. Transplant perennials can be sold the first year. d. Bulbs and bare root stock may be sold if from farmers stock the previous year and the vendor gets certification from the MN Dept of Ag. A copy of the certification must be turned into the Manager and this will be placed in the vendors file

    22. Prior to the first usage of the season, annual stallholders must contact the Market Manager 48 hours in advance, or they will not be guaranteed their stall. Failure to occupy stall(s) without a 48-hour notice at the downtown Saturday and Sunday location or two hours prior to start time at neighborhood locations will result in a $50.00 fine.

    23. It is the member's responsibility to comply with all federal and state weight and measure laws.

    24. All members selling value added food products sold at any St. Paul Growers Association market site must be produced under the current Cottage Food Laws or in an inspected licensed commercial (nonresidential) facility.

    25. Vendors may not leave early from any market without a manager's approval. If approved, you may need to be escorted out by the Manager for the safety of the customers and other vendors. Penalties for leaving early without permission are $50 first offense, $100 second offense and $100 plus a week's suspension for third offense.

    26. Members must vacate market sites within a. Downtown market 1-1/2 hours after closing b. Neighborhood markets 1 hour after closing. Vehicles must not be running during market hours.

    27. Refrigerated truck and generator owners must do everything possible to quiet their power units.

    28. Daily stall fees will be charged every day that the market is open.

    29. Vendors and employee shall not smoke on market property.

    30. Any item up for discussion at the Annual Meeting will be translated upon the request of five members.

    31. Saturdays there will be a limit of two annual stalls per vendor with the exception of up to 16 members allowed to have three annual stalls based on the Saturday Downtown Seniority List and available open stalls as of 2023. This number of sixteen three stall members will include members with third stalls acquired prior to April 1993 regardless of their seniority placement (additional stalls may be rented on a daily basis provided space is available)

  • A complete list of rules will be provided to all vendors approved to sell at the market.

  • Required Fees

  • General Rules - All Markets

  • A Non-refundable fee of $25 is due with all new applications. Fees are required for each market and vary between $20 - $50 based on the individual market.

    Space assignment will be determined by the market manager. Full members select their spaces at the annual meetings based on seniority. Managers select vendors for markets based around on providing a nice variety of products for the customers.

  • Market Locations

    The St. Paul Farmers' Market is a collection of neighborhood markets across the Twin Cities
  • Aldrich Arena (Wed)1850 White Bear Ave. Maplewood, MN
    Andover (Tue)13655 Round Lake Blvd NW Andover, MN
    Apple Valley (Sat)7100 147th St W. Apple Valley, MN
    Burnsville (Sat)200 Burnsville Pkwy W. Burnsville, MN
    Burnsville (Thur)3333 Cliff Road E. Burnsville, MN
    Inver Grove Hts. (Sun)8055 Barbara Ave. Inver Grove Hts. MN
    Lakeville (Wed)20851 Holyoke Ave Lakeville, MN
    Lakeville (Sat)20965 Holyoke Ave Lakeville, MN
    Rosemount (Tue)13885 S Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN
    Roseville (Tue)2131 Fairview Ave N. Roseville, MN
    St Paul Lowertown (Sat & Sun)290 5th Street East, St Paul, MN
    St Thomas Moore (Fri)1093 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN
    Savage (Sun)4800 W 123rd St. Savage, MN
    Signal Hills (Fri)1225 S Roberts St. St Paul, MN
    South St Paul (Wed)12th Ave & Southwest, South St Paul, MN
    Vadnais Heights (Wed)3585 US-61, Vadnais Heights, MN
    Woodbury (Sun)8595 Central Park Pl. Woodbury, MN
  • New Farmer & Grower Application Form

  • Products to be sold and % sold at market

    Items not listed cannot be sold unless approved later
  • Which markets are you interested in selling at?

    Mark yes for the markets you are interested in!
  • By signing this agreement, I agree that I have read the rules of the St. Paul Farmers' Market and agree to comply with them. Further, I agree to sell only those items listed on the vendor application unless an additional request is granted of a later date. I acknowledge full responsibility for all my actions and activities in the market (and for those assisting me) throughout the season. I acknowledge the authority of the St. Paul Growers' Association to settle any disputes regarding product legitimacy, procedural and vendor conduct violations, and to impose any penalties, including fines, possible suspension, and removal from the market. Copies of all necessary licenses and non-refundable application fee of $25 must accompany this application. Liability insurance will be required if approved.

  • Clear
  • Market Code of Conduct

  • The St Paul Growers' Association is a non-profit organization. Our expectations for all market vendors are that they are reliable, set up to greet customers when the market opens, and maintain a good, positive attitude for the duration of the market hours. Market vendors are expected to meet these expectations, in addition to complying with market rules and regulations, to be allowed to continue to participate at the markets. Incidents of unruliness and verbal disdain will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the markets.

  • Indemnity Agreement

  • WHERAS, {fullName}, a vendor desires to participate at a St Paul Farmers' Market, and WHEARAS, the vendor meets the criteria for participation in the St Paul Farmers' Markets and agrees to obey the rules of the market and understands the nature of operating within the St Paul Farmers' Market and their responsibilities as a market vendor in the market, including responsibilities for safe operation and conduct of their business within the market; the vendor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the St Paul Growers Association, its officers, agents and employees from and against liability for all claims, suits, demands, and/or actions for damages, injuries to person, property damage and expenses including court costs and attorney's fees and other reasonable costs occasioned by or arising out of vendors presence within the market area permitted by the St Paul Growers' Association conducted in connection with or incidental to participation and arising out of or resulting from the intentional acts or negligence of the vendor, its officers, agents, employees, or person participating in the market. The vendor further agrees that it shall, at all times, exercise reasonable precautions on behalf of, and be solely responsible for the safety of its officers, agents, employees, visitors, and other persons as well as their property, while in or on the market and surrounding areas. It is expressly understood and agreed that the St Paul Growers' Association shall not be liable or responsible for negligence of the vendor, its agents, employees, customers and participants.

    It is further agreed with respect to the above indemnity, that the St Paul Growers' Association and the vendor will provide the other with prompt and timely notice of any event covered in any way directly or indirectly, contingency or otherwise affected or which might affect the vendor or the St Paul Growers' Association.

  • Clear
  • Licensing, Permits and Insurance - Upon acceptance as a market vendor, you will be required to submit all necessary copies of licenses, permits and insurance form.

    Obtaining the proper licenses or permits and obeying all Federal, Local and State Codes is the sole responsibility of the vendor, including any regulations of the MN Department of Agriculture or other regulatory agencies.

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